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  1. A platform for buyers and sellers for business networking
  2. A lucrative opportunity to showcase your latest products in the presence of decision makers.
  3. A chance to widen your resources for buying, selling or marketing your business.
  4. A prospective place to get updated about the know-how of the current Market Trends and strategies.
  5. Best stage to Launch, Re-Launch or Brand your company with just the right impact.
  6. Only Platform of its kind in India to meet Thousands of Quality Buyers from all across.

There are countless opportunities in India with a domestic Tea & Coffee market of close to $USD 258 billion. This is projected to reach $USD 482 billion by 2020. Tea processing is one of the largest sectors in India and is a high priority sector for the government. Legislative support and incentives will assist it to develop sustainable growth over the coming years. Over 3,500 visitors are expected to visit this year's show, including professionals and decision makers. 88% of visitors were able to find solutions from exhibiting suppliers to meet their business needs.

India is the world’s second largest producer (after China) and fourth largest exporter of tea (after Kenya, China and Sri Lanka). Production reached 1208.78 million kg in 2013-14. Around 965.07 million kg was produced in North India and 243.71 million kg was produced in South India.

Exports for FY 2013-14 stood at 225.76 million kg for a total value of US$ 746 million. Top export markets in terms of value were Russian Federation (38.62 million kg for a value of US$ 105.93 million), Iran (22.9 million kg for a total value of US$ 99.97 million) and UAE (23.33 million kg for a total value of US$ 78.31 million). India is the largest producer of black tea and also the largest consumer of tea globally. Domestic consumption reached 911 million kgs in 2013-14.